Penny T. Hollis Films (PTH Films) is a multi-platform production company dedicated to producing thought-provoking films that shed light on the realities of the human experience. Focusing on what binds us as a society and what separates us, PTH Films seeks to dissect humanity from multiple perspectives. Through storytelling, viewers challenge their perceptions of the world, while gaining a better understanding of their fellow humans.


In keeping with the company’s mission, PTH Films is working to create two inspiring and honest scripted short films depicting the lives of individuals affected by mental illness and homelessness. The first short film will tell the story of Maxine, a woman coping with the aftermath of a brutal attack. The second film follows a day in the life of Willis, a homeless man burdened by the weight of his past and an uncompassionate society. Both stories reflect on human suffering and the capacity of compassion to make a difference in someone’s life.  Viewers will be taken on a unique journey with these characters affected by common circumstances.


It is PTH Films’ aim to create these projects in effort to promote awareness and empower those affected by these issues to share their stories to end the stigma. We ask that you support our efforts with a monetary donation to help bring these inspiring tales to life. Every dollar donated will go towards production, post-production and promotions for the project. To find out more about PTH Films, please visit the HOME section of our website and click HERE to donate.