The Birthday Gift chronicles a day in the life of Willis, a homeless man haunted by his past and burdened by his failing health. Despite his circumstances, Willis struggles all day to find the perfect birthday present for his wife, overcoming issues of prejudice, hunger and temptations. While attempting to give his wife the present, Willis faces a dark reality causing him to spiral into a deep depression and grapple with the meaning of life.


Homelessness and mental illness affect the lives of millions around the world. Click below to become a part of the movement to share Willis’ story and shed light on the daily struggles of those suffering.


In the role of Willis, a homeless man plagued by the mistakes of his past and burdened by his failing health, is RAOUL ANDERSON. A native of Washington DC, Anderson has been a working actor since college, appearing in live theater, television, and film. He appeared as Joe in the award-winning comedy short “Margaret.” Anderson can also be seen in Netflix’s “House of Cards,” HBO’s “VEEP,” and the film “Loving.”




Set in a high school, Maxine follows the story of a middle-aged teacher coping with the traumatic aftermath of a brutal attack that occurred 30 years prior.  As she heads back to her classroom one afternoon, the sighting of a new male janitor sends Maxine into a state of paranoia and confusion.  While attempting to process the incident and decipher delusions from reality, Maxine makes a snap decision putting her students and her own life at risk.


One in five Americans live with a mental illness and in many communities, those who affected do not receive the help they desperately need. Click below to become a part of the movement to share Maxine’s story and bring to light the struggles of those suffering from untreated mental illness.


In the role of Maxine, a woman coping with trauma after a brutal attack, is ANTOINETTE GREENE-FISHER. With over 30 years in the industry, Greene-Fisher has landed roles in film, TV, and local theatre. She’s studied under the tutelage of Vera Katz, Martin Blank, and continues to hone her craft with Stephen Mitchell. Greene-Fisher has worked on films for Amazon and supervised a local DC series, “East Coast Grow.” She loves to capture accents especially West Indian and American Southern.